TigerGem T1004

Enhancing Firmness, Size, Potency, Stamina, Libido

Stress, fatigue, lifestyle and illness can all effect desire and erectile function so further affecting health and quality of life. TigerGem offers the science of Fusion technology combining full spectrum incoherent light technology, stimulating pulsed electro magnetic field technology, white noise technology, colour technology and a dynamic blend of over 30 carats of precious gemstones and crystals designed to support and enhance male libido and function.

Using TigerGem can help you relax and move blood quickly into that sensitive area for those important ‘romantic’ moments.

Following thousands of years of tradition our gem recipe consists of:
Ruby and Carnelian providing a stimulating, invigorating and warming action acting directly on localized blood flow whilst also uplifts and boosts mind and spirit. Red Jasper stirs and prolongs arousal and pleasure. Smokey Quartz eases tension and stress in the base chakra area, naturally enhancing virility. Diamond strengthens and enhances the entire formula.

Using your TigerGem is safe & easy. With one press of a button the TigerGem switches on and runs for 20 minutes then switches off automatically. The TigerGem can run 10 sessions before needing to be recharged.

The battery driven TigerGem is designed to be placed next to the skin releasing stimulating blood surging energy into the needed area. The TigerGem can be used anytime and is small and portable to travel with (image: polycontrast interference photography showing the blood surging energy of The Tigergem).

The TigerGem is supplied with:
1 x TigerGem unit
1 x internal rechargeable battery pack
1 x recharger cable
1 year warranty

Some feedback on this technology includes:

Having had Chronic Fatigue for some years after one treatment, the TigerGem has given my libido a boost for over a week. It is absolutely wonderful to feel my sexual life force flowing this way.
CL (51yrs) – The Netherlands

After using TigerGem for 6 sessions I felt my erection was harder and lasted a lot longer.
Thank you TigerGem.
CT (59yrs) - United Kingdom

I have not been able to have an erection for almost 2 years. Since using TigerGem I don’t have this problem anymore and have rediscovered my confidence
CH (47yrs) – The Netherlands

I now enjoy sex 4 times per week since using TigerGem. It feels like being 20 years old again!
NH (53yrs) – France

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