Fusion ‘Dielectric Resonance’ Technology


Ancient Times of Infinite Wisdom
As the Shaman listened, looked and felt his pain she took him by the hand with complete understanding of what he needed to rebalance and repair himself. As they walked together towards the warmth of the day he knew he was about to undergo a healing at the deepest level of who he was, healings his forefathers had experienced since time itself had begun.

As she laid him down on Mother Earth he felt the warmth of the red dirt under him, feeding, nurturing him. The Shaman reached her arms to the sky and gave thanks to the Gods. She leant down and placed on the centre of his chest a large deep red Ruby and then sat next to him and chanted. As the Shaman chanted her voice became like the waves of the ocean inside him. His heart began to beat like an animal being hunted and then suddenly calmness descended and he floated out of his body and into the universe. After what seemed like a lifetime out of his body he suddenly heard the Shaman chanting as he became aware again of his body lying on the earth. He felt strong, he felt balanced, and he felt healed.

laurence Heylen

“By Harmonising your client’s 3 selves healing of the 4 bodies occurs”
Laurence Heylen – Hawaiian Kahuna Ho’omana

Embracing tradition to help modern humanity
In most major ancient cultures of the world, dating back to before records were held; this Shamanic technique was utilized to keep its peoples balanced happy and healthy. The vital link of the 3 minds and the 4 bodies was understood and practiced to bring harmony, vitality and homeostasis to its peoples. For example on the Hawaiian Islands prior to the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778, the last major culture to be discovered on Earth, there was no record of physical or mental disease in its people. Daddy Bray, a famous Hawaiian Kahuna (Shaman) was quoted as saying “The lesson of life is moving from Conscious-Mind to Other-Than-Conscious-Mind to Higher-Self. Mastery of life is to move from Higher-Self to Other-Than-Conscious-Mind to Conscious-Mind”. This is how to bring true balance.

Awakening the Soul
In many ancient cultures the pineal gland was considered to be the home of the soul, our inner light to connect us to the Universal Light of God.  In 1649 René Descartes postulated that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul. Brain scans suggest that the area surrounding the gland is activated when people meditate. "There is no definition of 'soul' in the scientific field," says Professor Jyh-Horng Chen of the National Taiwan University in Taipei, co-leader of a recent study. "However, our results demonstrate a correlation between pineal activation and religious meditation which might have profound implications in the physiological understanding of mind, spirit and soul."Chen and his fellow colleagues took MRI scans of the brains of 11 male and 9 female volunteers as they practised a meditation technique called “Chinese quiet sitting”. The scans showed that within all 20 people volunteers their pineal areas were most active in the first phase of meditation, when practitioners silently repeated spiritual mantras getting themselves into the right frame of mind prior to a prolonged meditation. Recent small scale studies in Poland, Belgium and Norway showed how a 20 minute session of pulsed Theta Ayurvedic sapphires with Theragem™ was enough to bring homeostasis to the left and right brain lobe whilst encouraging the hypothalamus and pineal glands to release a significant increase in key chemicals and hormones to assist bring back balance to our biological terrain.

A Shaman in a “Box”
A Healers ability to connect and act as a vessel to pass universal healing energy to a client can be negatively influenced by their own negative life occurrences, general health and mood swings. Without adequate protection even the most gifted Healers can give so much of themselves whilst offering healing to weaken their own health. Furthermore Healers coming into contact with dark negative thought forms, attachments and spiritual entities clinging to this world, reaping physical, mental and emotional turmoil to their victim can unknowingly drain a Healer’s personal energy to the extent of creating “dis-ease”.

Working with Theragem™ a healer has added strength to create change at all the levels of whom we are whilst being exquisitely protected from negativity. Theragem™ increases the ability of a Healer to work with more clients per day creating even better outcomes with clients whilst remaining healthy, happy and vibrant themselves.

Albert Einstein


”The energy-field governs the particle”
Albert Einstein, Quantum Physicist



A unique therapy from an ancient time
With Theragem the concept of balancing the Human Assemblage Point, our bodies very own North & South Pole, whilst cleansing the Human Energy-field is based on ancient shamanistic tradition from around the world. The significance of a balanced Assemblage Point and Clean Energy field as described in the books by Carlos

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