Why do we get sick?

Western science and medicine is beginning to understand increasingly the negative effect that stress, anxiety and destructive self-talk have on our immune system. Every unhappy internal and external thought has a negative consequence and will ultimately affect our health.

What’s more, modern-day polluted air, tainted water and processed food all add further to our immune system being compromised on a daily basis. This allows our bodies to become susceptible to disease ravaging the body. Unable to fight back, the weakened immune system goes into meltdown allowing the disease to rule the physical, mental and emotional body.

Theragem™ Crystal Light Therapy gives a boost

The basic Theragem protocol helps the physical body to achieve a harmonized balance (or homeostasis) by initially easing the mind into a relaxed Theta state, followed by energizing the spleen to clean and filter the blood and boost white blood cell production.

With training or an understanding of illness-related symptoms, practitioners can use Theragem to either slow or speed up specific under-achieving body areas. Likewise, it can be used to warm inappropriate cool zones as well as to cool inappropriate hot zones using the Yin Yang principle of energy medicine. This will help the body to return to a state of good health.

Theragem’s do-no-harm therapy can be used on all kinds of conditions – it is simply a matter of understanding a client’s mental and physiological state and selecting Gemcups, intensities and frequencies required.

Assemblage Point therapy

A key benefit of Theragem is its ability to relocate the body’s Assemblage Point (AP).

This centre of the human energy system has a direct effect upon a person’s energy and is also linked to the activity level of organs and glands, including the brain. Therefore, a person’s behaviour, feelings and health are directly affected by the AP.

The Assemblage Point has been called the missing link to resolving health problems and this partly explains why so many people continue to suffer without a solution for their painful or debilitating symptoms.

Theragem can be used to provide regular Assemblage Point assessment and correction as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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