Fusion ‘Dielectric Resonance’ Technology


The Beginning
Acupuncture MeridiansThe exact date of the creation of acupuncture is clouded in the veil of time yet one thing is certain; it has existed for over 2000 years with some claiming it dates back over 4000 years.

In all this time the basic goal of this outstanding therapy, to assist vital “Chi”  life forces to flow through the body, to strengthen and by doing this allow the body to fight off illness and disease naturally and come back into homeostasis, has remained constant. This in contrast seems to be the opposite to modern day pharmacological “symptom obsessed” thinking focusing on using moderate to highly toxic substances to attempt to create change in the symptoms of an illness potentially creating new health issues & weakening the patients immune system.

Energy is vital for Life
When needles are inserted into a client during acupuncture they act as tiny antenna for the Universal Chi (Universal life force) surrounding us, transmitting it into the meridians creating clearance of blockages and allowing the free flow of chi energy. In ancient times acupuncturists, working mainly from wooden houses in a clean electromagnetic world, used base metals such as gold, silver and iron for needles sometimes tipped with precious gemstones and even ones made of gemstones such as Jade from the Gao Shi Mountains.

From a western scientific point of view “Chi” (Universal life force) could be considered as: photonic energy from natural sunlight, it could be the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it could be Schumann resonance found in the upper atmosphere, it could even be White Noise (the echo of the sound of the creation of the Universe) or it could be a fusion of all of these vital factors to life on our planet as we know it?

Weakened Chi
Modern man-made technologies and lifestyle have seemingly weakened traditional acupuncture, but why is this? We have all heard of man-made electronic smog from radios, TVs, cell phones, satellite signals to name a few that interfere with our own electrical systems. In our modern lives we also live and work in highly insulated buildings almost to the point of them being energetically like faraday cages. We often wear garments made of synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, spandex, etc) that further reduce our body’s ability to nourish itself from the vital life force energy surrounding us.

Recapture the Power
Understanding this modern day phenomenon Medica Health International Ltd got its scientists, engineers and specialists to focus on resolving these modern day manmade problems and came up with Theragem™ Crystal Light Therapy to strengthen and enhance the effects of acupuncture for the 21st century. Theragem offers a unique fusion of:

Incoherent Polychromatic Light Technology (480-780Nm)
Electromagnetic Field Technology (Alpha, Delta, Beta, Theta)
Schumann Resonance Technology
White Noise Technology
Precious Metals (Gold and Silver)
Precious Gemstones and Crystals

In brief how does CLT (Crystal Light Therapy) work?
The technology is a low powered non-coherent, polychromatic assemblage with specific pulsed EMF (electro-magnetic fields). By focusing the wavelengths we are able to amplify crystalline energy causing photo stimulation, whereby a chain of chemical responses are triggered by targeted exposure. Injured cells and tissue emit enzymes that encourage photons (quantum energy) of light energy by design to be transmitted to the photo acceptors, which are then activated.

Based on Yin Yang principles, easy for TCM
Operating Theragem could not be easier for the present day TCM practitioner, as its principles are based on Yin & Yang, cool what is hot, warm what is cold and move stagnated chi where necessary.  It is about bringing the body back into homeostasis, enhancing the spleen function.  By taking care that your client leaves with a happy mind, you therefore are creating a relaxed body in which the Wei Chi (defense energy system) of the body can flow.

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

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