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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Back Pain
"I hurt my back in work lifting a sail boat.  There was massive pain and swelling. I was told I would be bed bound for a week.  Niamh had me walking in 3 days".
Niamh’s comment: ‘V’s result was particularly cool! She was delighted to get back to work before the week was out.
VG -Ireland

Breast lumps and pain
I had been suffering with pain, lumps and discomfort in my left breast plus my armpit which had lasted for several weeks. My GP referred me to a specialist. While I waited for the appointment I had two treatments on the Theragem machine. After the first treatment I noticed a slight reduction in pain but nothing radical, however after the second treatment within hours the pain subsided dramatically and over the next couple of days the lump disappeared. By the time I visited the specialist both the lump and the pain had gone completely!
Had my GP not outlined her findings in her referral letter, the specialist may have wondered why I was there at all! As a matter of course he gave me a thorough examination, scan and mammogram which were all fine. Again its thanks to the Theragem treatments that they were able to carry out the mammogram, as the pain was so severe before treatment that I would not have been able to undergo the procedure.
Ms CD, Lancashire

Dr.Dakmare Bolanos

Walter – Cartago, Costa Rica: Joint Pain
I had a lot of pain in both shoulders and in my knees. I had heard about Dakmare Bolanos M.D. treatments with a crystal light laser device and asked for a treatment.
I was treated for about one hour and my pains were gone that evening and the next day. I have been pain free now for more than six months. The crystal light device is an amazing thing. I will recommend it highly to anyone.

Jose – Orosi, Costa Rica: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
My right hand had swollen to twice its normal size and I was experiencing pain from my hand all the way up my arm and over my shoulder.  My problem had been diagnosed earlier by a local doctor and an operation was prescribed for correcting my Carpal tunnel syndrome. However I was on a long time waiting list. I was very happy and relieved when the swelling went down on my hand and the pain stopped after the two treatments. I waited pain free for the operation which was successful later.

Milagro – Paraiso, Costa Rica : Locked shoulder & varicose veins
I work as a masseuse at a hotel/resort in the Orosi valley. I use my hands and arms a lot every day and had developed a painful knot in my left shoulder which was hindering my work. I was aware of the therapy by Costa Rica New Hope with a machine they called a Theragem. I was given one hour of combined therapy and that was the end of my problem. It only took the one treatment which was amazing to me. The therapist observed my leg that had varicose vein problem and told me he could help the circulation there, so on another day he did treatment on the veins. I noticed that my leg felt better and I could feel increased circulation after two different treatments.

Rosy – Cartago, Costa Rica : Pain management
I was experiencing considerable ovary pain which I experience at times plus I had a pain in my knee. Dakmare Bolanos M.D. prescribed therapy by a machine she used for therapy at her clinic. I received about one hour total and within an hour I was pain free. She called the machine a Theragem and it is used for a variety of therapies. It was wonderful.

Denise - Castago, Costa Rica - Repetetive strain disorder
I have been operating a motorcycle for three years every day.  My right wrist gets a lot of severe use and began to hurt very much, even at night when I needed to sleep. My sister in law Malagro told me about a clinic that used a machine that would help me, so I made an appointment. I received one hour of therapy which was done from the top of my hand and wrist and then from the other side. That night I did not have any more pain and have been pain free so far for over 6 months.

Cecilia – Aqua Caliente, Costa Rica: Pain and ulceration
My daughter recommended Costa Rica New Hope clinic for pain that I was experiencing 6 months after an operation on my knee. I also had ulceration from varicose vein surgery. I was not getting much sleep at night and was low in energy. I had about three different hours of therapy over I week. My pain dropped to almost nothing and I had more circulation also in my leg and feet. I could walk much better. This was about 8 months ago and I am doing just fine – no pain and have my life back.

Alfonso – Agua Caliente, Costa Rica: Pain Management
I am a retired worker and live with my wife Cecilia who influenced me to get help for my knee and back pain. She had therapy at new hope and was doing great. I had about 3 or 4 therapies on my back and then behind the knee. This was almost 8 months ago and I have been pain free and getting around just fine. This was an amazing and simple therapy.

Raul – Paraiso, Costa Rica: Arthritis
My son-n-aw told me about a clinic that helped his arthritic problems. He made an appointment for me and I must have had 4 or 5 one hour treatments (two treatments per week) I had a lot of pain in the back and the left knee and leg. After each treatment the pain was less and less.  Today  am pain free and can walk normal again. That is a miracle machine that the clinic has. I am going to recommend it to my brother who has a similar problem.

Isabel – Cartago, Costa Rica: Sciatica
I have had nerve problems in my back for some time and heard of a clinic close to where I work so I went there and they gave me three treatments on the sciatica in two weeks time. My pain disappeared after the two weeks and I have been pain free for 6 months now.

Bernal - Cartagao, Costa Rica: Pain Management
I received treatment for my sciatica at Costa Rica New Hope. I had a lot of pain in my back and my knee and leg. I took 2 one hour treatments for a month and the pain got less every week. I have been pain free for about 6 months and would recommend the treatment by their machine to anyone. I have heard of many other persons that received good treatment at that clinic.

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

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