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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Frozen shoulder for two years, low back pain
After six sessions of crystal light therapy my low back pain was completely recovered. My shoulder pain was much better almost gone and the limitation of movement was 95% better. As a result my morale is better. After the assemblage point while resting in a comfort I remembered an offer of a job done to me many years ago. I began thinking about my decision if it was right or wrong. I thank very much to Dr Faik who has done this therapy.
BF, Istanbul - Dr Faik Selcen Kuantum Saglik Turkey – 6 sessions

Foot injury
I have owned a Theragem T1002 for approximately 3 years. I have used it throughout that time and have had many positive results. Recently, however, I have begun to use it daily. I have had a nagging, painful and intractable injury to my heel. I had tried using the Theragem on it sporadically and had had some relief when I used it. Now that I am using it daily the injury has improved dramatically. My pain has been profoundly reduced and, as importantly, my mobility has increased 500% or more. I am now, for the first time in over a year, able to take long walks and not suffer tremendous pain.
In short, the Theragem has made a profound contribution to my well being. CC - USA

Bilateral shin splints
"Helped to reduce the pain and tenderness so only needed one week off from training and it allowed me to return to running a lot sooner than expected."
Dr. Ros Drake from Drake Chiropractic - Ireland

Climbing for MS Ireland
Molehill to Mountain - Local Doc climbs Africa’s highest in aid of MS Ireland…
Developing shin splints in preparation for this enduring effort, this lady doctor called in the help of our Irish distributor Niamh O’Brien who successfully treated this painful sports injury with a combination of Theragem and acupuncture.
Click here for article

To whom it may concern
I am writing to tell you of the success of the Theragem Healing. I have been having a lot of problems with my left knee giving way after I have been sat down for any length of time. My therapist, Susan Mardsen, suggested that I try Theragem healing. After only 2 treatments I found that I was able to walk normally after being sat down for three hours in a car. A couple of months earlier I had done the same journey and had needed help to walk when getting out of the car. Susan worked on the base of the spine and the back of the knee with emeralds to calm any inflammation. I am now on a maintenance treatment once per month.
One of the advantages of this treatment is that I have also had it on my face and the lines around my eyes have lessened. My granddaughter commented that I looked younger now (after treatment) at 67 than I did on a photograph when I was 62yrs. I certainly recommend Theragem Healing

Pieter H, The Netherlands
For the past month I have been treated with the Theragem therapy lamps at Clinic Ben Chi for an over taxation (frozen shoulder) of the shoulder through which my arm mobility had considerably gone down. After one treatment with the Theragem lamps the pain as well as the mobility were strongly improved. A treatment as this one gives a lot of peace and rest and that works is even better. Almost immediately after treatment I could notice the difference. After that I could go to Disneyland with my family to enjoy a good time.

Betty J, Netherlands February 2009
Quite suddenly I got a pain in my shoulder in September last year, which I tried to relief with painkillers. Soon this did not help anymore. After examination it turned out to be calcification of the shoulder bone. Physiotherapy and massage seemed to worsen the problem. So I tried acupuncture which helped at first but not for too long, then my therapist put the Theragem on it and the pain seemed to disappear.
During the next treatment I got really cold through my whole body. This seemed to last an hour then I felt a rush going through my body. The next day I washed the windows of my home without any pain or discomfort! Amazing! After just a couple of treatments the calcification appeared to have gone.

JC Dublin, Ireland
I received a kick to my lower calve during a game of football which left me hobbling. I wasn’t able to put any weight under me and limped off the pitch. My team mates knew I would be out for 4-5 weeks …..2 weeks minimum. There was a practitioner in my Business Networking Group who always talked of the benefits of the Theragem for acute injuries so I went to her the next morning. She placed the Theragem over my lower leg for an hour (3 sessions of emerald back to back she informed me). My leg felt stronger immediately after the treatment. By the next morning I was able to put 70% weight under me. The day after that, the pain had gone and I could walk perfectly with no flinching. The day after that was a Monday – football practice day! I ran onto the pitch effortlessly. My team mates were in utter shock. I would recommend the Theragem to anyone who suffers injuries regularly on the field – especially if they have an important game coming up and wish to get back to full health rapidly.
Testimonial provided by InSpirit, Ireland

Twisted ankle
BeforeAs you can see from the image, I badly twisted my ankle which resulted in severe swelling and bruising. Although the pain was not that great, it was uncomfortable to walk. After a few days the swelling had not subsided at all so out of curiosity I tried the Theragem unit for 2 x 20 minute sessions using emeralds (only on the clinic version). You can see from the second image the immediate effects of the treatment: the swelling reduced to such a point that I could actually see the bone structure again. A secondary and unexpected side-effect was a definite “feel-good-factor” after the second treatment. Unfortunately, after this treatment, I did not have access to the Theragem unit for a couple of weeks; and even after this time the swelling was still noticeable and my ankle was stiff and slightly painful. I tried Afterthe Theragem unit again, this time on the home unit using sapphires.  Before treatment I could not kneel and sit back on my heels because the ankle was still stiff and painful. Directly after treatment there was no difference. However, about 15 minutes after treatment, I could kneel normally so, as far as my unscientific test proved to me, the Theragem unit certainly had a positive effect in the recovery of my ankle.
Ms LP. August 2006

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

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