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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Severe Eczema

Before Theragem
After 5 days of Theragem

This baby of just 12 months had developed a severe eczema to bleeding skin rashes. The baby has been taken into the hospital for treatment. When arriving at Resonance Therapies pus was coming out of the scratches. Baby A had a routine check-up at the Hospital after 3 sessions, the nurse whom has been seeing baby A since birth has commented and noticed a huge difference in her skin condition and is amazed that it is not the anti-biotics nor the steroid cream that is doing the work of healing the skin. In five days her skin on her arm is now soft and healing. The mother reported that her skin healed and dropped away after two days added that she has also introduced MUCH more (food) products to the baby’s diet, she has been very impressed with visually how baby A skin has healed in the short space of time.
Resonance Therapies – UK

Fusion Light Therapy with Sebastian the Cat
Animals also respond well to Theragem sessions and often just need one to three sessions of a shorter duration. One of our Theragem enthusiasts has made a special webpage of the positive change in their pedigree cat. Have a look and watch, especially the eyes! (click here or image for link)

Burned Hand
My first experience in using Theragem occurred after my adult daughter burned her hand rather badly while cooking. Blisters soon appeared and the injury was very painful. Sapphire, set at Calming, was immediately used. ‘Start’ was pushed on one of the units and amazingly in ONE SECOND the pain vanished. My daughter sat rubbing her fingers together in disbelief as the pain had miraculously vanished. I had to tell her to “stop the rubbing or the blister will brake.” After twenty-minutes with Sapphire the cup was changed to Emerald and in the morning there was no sign of a burn having occurred. However, a much smaller blistered area, which missed much of the initial lamp application, did show as needing a full session. This was given, resulting in a fast positive outcome. Elation and Spleen therapies were used prior to direct treatment of the condition.
DW – Australia

Marathon Injury Knee & Achilles Heel
A Japanese marathon runner injured her knee and Achilles Tendon during this year’s Australian Gold Coast Marathon and could no longer train. A month after the event, her condition showed no sign of correcting. In fact she was convinced that her condition was showing signs of deteriorating. After twenty minutes of Sapphire, followed by twenty minutes of Emerald, both set to Calming, she left the premises pain-free.  A month following treatment there was no suggestion of the condition relapsing. Elation and Spleen therapies were used prior to direct treatment of the condition.

Depression and Sport
I was always a keen & regular cyclist, but 12 months ago I started to cycle less and less until I totally stopped in August 2012.  At this time I was diagnosed with depression and fatigue by my local doctor and put onto prescribed medication. After 6 months of never quite feeling myself on medication, I discovered Theragem and with only a few therapies I began to feel more like my old self, with more energy and a better outlook on life.
Within 4 weeks of using Theragem, I was able to stop taking the prescribed medication and found myself with more energy, a positive attitude and a desire to get back out on the bike.
6 months have now passed and I am back to regularly cycling at least 3-4 times per week. I feel much better about life and I have a much more positive outlook.
Before using Theragem, I had always been very sceptical about these types of treatment. Now I am totally converted and can’t praise or recommend Theragem enough.
SE – United Kingdom

I have suffered from mild bouts of depression on-and-off for ten years, and severe bouts of anxiety for three years.  Using Theragem 2-3 times per week for two months, then once a week for 2 months, finally once every 2-3 weeks after that I was able to feel more in control of my emotions than I had done in recent years.  I am still prone to these ‘turns’ but feel that I can control them with more ease than previously, and feel more generally elated and peaceful as an overall mood. 
AN – United Kingdom

Eczema has always been a problem since childhood, with the most effective treatment being Chinese Herbal Brews and steroid creams, which I tried to use only when absolutely necessary.  Using Theragem during a flare-up with Emerald gemcups on calming after standard Elation and Spleen therapy, the itching and inflammation of the eczema was always around 60% relieved the day after the first treatment and 90% relieved by three days later.
RN – United Kingdom

After a few initial treatments of Elation and Spleen therapy, I had treatment for high cholesterol with rubies on stimulating over the liver.  I noticed in my stools in the following few days that there was a slimy consistency to them, something was being cleared out.
AN – United Kingdom

Burned out
Studying for long periods of time alongside working at the same time had left me feeling very run down. Three weeks of Theragem Elation Therapy and Spleen Therapy and weekly an Assemblage Point reconnection helped to boost my energy levels and I found that even dark depressive thoughts disappeared in this time.
JR, Poland – therapist J. Rosouskiego

Depression, obsessions, pessimist (Eczema)
I was pessimist, not having joy from life, having obsessions and fears. After the treatment my way of looking on life has changed, I became joyful, a smiling person. I have been coming to Kuantum Sağlık for 3,5  months once every week. As a result of these therapies I stopped the medicine of depression that I have been using for 1,5 year. From now on I have some nice desires about my future. This therapy gave me a nice, powerful energy. Just after two sessions eczema on my hands has gone away.
AG, Turkey – Dr Faik Selcen, Kuantum Saglik

Concentration problems, insomnia, fatigue
Before the crystal light therapy I was feeling tired, I have sleeping and concentration problems, disability in learning. Due to this therapy all my problems get better slowly step by step. As I feel very well now I can concentrate well, learn easily and I go to school not sleepy as before. For all these reasons I am very happy and I thank very much to Dr Faik for this treatment.
AS, Turkey – Dr Faik Selcen, Kuantum Saglik – 7 sessions

Dermatitis in right hand for 5 years, low back pain
On my right hand there is a lesion for five years .Almost 90% was gone after the first session. After all the sessions I can say 99%, it was good. For my low back pain again as result of both crystal light therapy and acupuncture the pain was quite well. Also I realized that crystal light therapy helped increasing my quality of sleeping
EKS, Istanbul– Dr Faik Selcen Kuantum Saglik - Turkey

Epilepsy attacks very often, insomnia, back pain for more than 10 years
Because of my illness epilepsy, I had always being sleeping problems. For four months I have been having crystal light therapies. I began sleeping very well. I feel  stronger physically  After the assemblage point my wife was very pleased with the difference  in me She said that I am more relaxed talk much better than before.
As a result we are very pleased of these therapies.
HS, Istanbul – Dr Faik Selcen, Kuantum Saglik – Turkey – 19 sessions

Very often common cold, slight thyroid problems, too much stress, chronic fatigue for a year
Even after the first session of crystal light therapy I felt so happy that I didn’t feel for a long time before like that. Also my friends at work realized this situation. As I work too hard, before the treatment I felt too tired, stressful and depressive. Now I can see that my complaints are getting less and less. I am so happy to have crystal light therapies.
KD, Istanbul – Dr Faik Selcen, Kuantum Saglik -Turkey

Stress ulcer, depression, amenorrhea for two years
I met Kuantum Sağlık when I was too much stressed. Because of too much stress I was having a treatment on peptic ulcer almost for two years. After the crystal light therapy done in Kuantum Sağlık  my all stress had gone. I felt better in every aspect. When I went to my doctor on gastroenterology  and told him about this therapy after the examinations he told me to stop  the medication as  everything was OK. I thank
Dr Faik and Jülide  very much for this application.
SK, Istanbul – Dr Faik Selcen, Kuantum Saglik, Turkey

Skin Burns

Same day
2 wks
2 mths
One of our Theragem™ therapists in the USA burned her calve while cleaning up her garden so severely to third degree – necrosis that hospital intake was recommended where a skin graft would be deemed necessary. Relying upon her Theragem she opted to stay home and run Emerald on Calming for 48 hours nonstop on 100% Intensity over the whole burnt area. With the pain totally gone, as the skin began to heal and regenerate, she changed it to running daily for 1 hour over the local area for two weeks. Two months later there is hardly any visible remainder of the burn to be seen.

With many thanks to KZ – Theragem and Aroma Therapist, Florida - USA 2011

Torn ligament in knee
"Subsequent to an MRI I attended a series of Theragem sessions @ Inspirit where upon I realised with each passing session I noticed a gradual and sustained improvement in my condition. I'm very grateful to Niamh for her professionalism and tentative care which resulted in the most successful outcome."
HN – Ireland via Inspirit Ireland

Struggling with keeping up a sufficiently level of energy
Quote: ‘I have only one word for this: 'A-MA-ZING'! There was a huge energy increase the day after, and it hasn't fainted since. This crystal therapy has me convinced in just one session. I'm definitely going to be one of Etienne's regulars.’
IG, Belgie - client Allvision. Click here for pdf

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‘Cholesterol from +259 to +210. No medication, just a
single Theragem session every 6 to 12 months!’

Etienne Verhasselt, Belgium
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