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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

"I had my first Theragem session as part of an Acupuncture session. For the whole day afterwards, and quite a day or so after that, I felt a decided calming of the anxiety I had suffered from - a general calming, felt more centered, considerably happier, a contentedness. After my next Theragem session, this same lifting of mood and calmness came again - I found I could think much clearer due to this palpable feeling of well being, which again lasted all of that day and well into the next four days: this helped me considerably to cope with a very difficult situation, and I am delighted with the effects the Theragem induced!"
MH - Ireland. Therapist: InSpirit - Ireland

Doris B. 4/30/09
“It helped me “chelate” raw emotions that needed to be expelled from my body… I actually felt the energy of the crystals working on my heart… I felt my “grief” lift away. Today, two days later, I feel lighter and happier. I feel a little more peaceful with the passing of my sister (from pancreatic cancer) I also feel the treatment will give me more inner strength to deal with my emotions.”

Deborah E. 10/06/09
“As I first lay on the massage table with the Theragem on me, I deeply relaxed and felt in the presence of great stillness and ancient wisdom. When I sat in the chair, a strong vibration in my throat, clearly defined the “busy-ness” in my thinking head/mind and the stillness in my torso heart area. For the first time in my life I had a yearning for stillness in my mind. I let go of resentment of the life I have now-a quiet life in the country, and now I know the value of my life.”

Emily T. 5/7/09
“Theragem therapy helped me to wind down and  allow my body & mind to relax. It has been an amazing aid for meditation, and self healing.”

Sandie S.  07/01/09
“I was lying on the Theragem and obsessing about future plans. I instinctively knew what treatment I needed. It was gems for “letting go”. That made me realize I am really uptight now and didn’t know. I started to feel a  release.. Another time, I felt I was dying on the Theragem and again I came by with the simple yet penetrating words “ all is well”. And it is a phrase I want to be with.”

Christina M. 10/20/09
“When I was on the bed, I felt very relaxed and calm and fell asleep. When I was on the chair, working on my ‘spiritual heart”, the technician was in front of me and one of the health educator’s was to my left. The crystals were bright, even with my eyes closed, and I felt I was soaking in energy from them. I could feel positive energy coming from both the technician and the health educator, and could feel waves coming over me. They were making me sway and pushing my head back and to the right, I felt positive and good.”

Paddy T. 22/06/09
"Niamh starts each session with the Theragem crystals placed at my head and before long I'm in a wonderful state of peaceful - almost euphoric - relaxation. After a full treatment, I experience an increase in energy and vitality, and a renewed sense that my internal energies are in balance."

Suzette S. 10/26/09
“It was pure bliss and very relaxing, After the regular treatment I had an additional treatment with the Theragem machine to open my heart. It was deep and gave me a very deep sleep (with some bad dreams) which was helpful to release negative thoughts and feelings. I feel more relaxed and grounded now.”

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

DISCLAIMER: Medica Health International Ltd is committed to discovering, designing and introducing leading-edge wellness equipment world-wide. Any and all products offered by Medica Health International Ltd are intended to complement, not replace, the various therapies offered by your own licensed physician or healthcare professional. Our equipment is not intended to diagnose or cure any ailments or afflictions. Product images shown in this document may vary slightly from the actual device due to individual country regulations and our on-going commitment to quality and R&D. MFG may not be legal in your state-county-country therefore please check with your local-national authorities before unlocking MFG. Medica Health International Ltd cannot be held responsible for improper use.