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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

Minor Depression for two years
I feel better, calm, more patient after the kristal light therapy and assemblage point applied in Kuantum  Sağlık Center. With these treatments I stopped the medication for depression.
AM, Istanbul - Dr Faik Selcen Kuantum Saglik Turkey – 4 sessions

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, negative thoughts & quick to anger.
BeforeFeeling nice, level and calm.  During the Elation treatment, I picked up the vibration all around the eye socket and nose and upper cheek bones. Also at the start of this treatment I felt weightiness on the back of the head, slight vibration that lasted 5 minutes.
After5 minutes into the AP shift, I felt a spiral energy, both inside and out, about 1 foot centering around the chest, I couldn’t tell the shape of the spiral, and it was focused around the sternum.
One week later, the wart I had on my finger has disappeared. My mood is a lot more balanced and I have access to more energy. There was some spitting out of blood – a clearing of energy. My left foot that used to be locked is now relaxed and I can walk on it more easily.
Mr DT, London. October 2009

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

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