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Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

After Assemblage Point therapy for trauma: I now realize three was a crowd. I feel one body, mind and soul.
EB (42 yrs old female, engineer)

Deborah R 2 Oct 2009
After the spleen treatment I felt a more active mind. During the Assemblage Point shift, lots of yawning, and I could feel throbbing on the left side of my  head whilst sharp throbbing on the right side. The neck was extended and afterwards it flexed. I felt I had an ‘attitude’ – this passed. Also felt a streamy nose and a blocked nose that eventually cleared. The throat feels clearer and of a smoother quality and softer.
Afterwards I could hear more clearly and the sinuses felt clearer. Felt 70% improvement. I slept really well that night. Had dream of some beautiful boxes and a feeling of holding onto them – a voice saying that I could let them go and break them up because I could re-create them in the future if needed. I decided that that was true and allowed myself to do just that.



Low energy & self-esteem
BeforeAfterDuring the Elation treatment, I felt a positive lightness, my head and neck heated up for a few minutes. During the Assemblage point shift I felt lighter and more chatty. Immediately afterwards, the energy felt like sparkling champagne.
I was really blown away with Kam's crystal healing treatment. I walked in feeling depleted and within half an hour of the treatment, I felt elevated with energy. Not only has it had a positive effect on me mentally but physically too as I slept so well after. A very gifted and insightful healer. Should I need more healing, I know where to go. Thank you Kam.
Ms AS, London. October 2009

Curt P. 5/01/09
“Assemblage Point Therapy. This is the most profound therapy at Hippocrates. The results are very deep and lasting. Thank you for providing this therapy.”

A. M. Netherlands
My assemblage point was checked and corrected with the Theragem Cristal Light Therapy.
During every therapy I felt a release in my body of a great tension. After the therapy I had more energy than before. At one of the following treatments the lamps were placed at a different position. With closed eyes I felt the power of the lights in a very relaxed way. I felt safe and trusted the process. Slowly a new kind of feeling came over me. It was as if ' spring itself moved me'. I think the whole therapy is a very special kind of experience. I think of it as a thirst lessening bath for my body out which I come balanced and energetically full.

Claire J.  5/13/09
“This was a private session in which I had Assemblage Point Theragem Therapy. I had an amazing changes, the room full of energy. I had a very moving and powerful  visualization which was a positive journey through difficult experience and coming to a wonderful end point. Very empowering!”

Complex ailments – increased energy
After many years of struggling with my health, perpetually hounded by one ailment after another with no answers from all the blood tests, I experienced a tremendous shift in energy after one series of sessions on the Theragem. My energy has returned and I feel I am able to fill my life with activities again. The experience of the Theragem is so subtle and yet the impact has been quite tremendous. I never thought I'd be cleaning the house and dancing at the same time after only one day's treatment. Thank you. I feel the Theragem is the key to enabling my body to restore itself at last.
Ms MJ, Santa Fe NM. September 2008

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