Theragem Level I and II Trainings 2015

Medica Health International invites you to join our certified, accredited CPD trainings, which will provide you with a wonderful mixture of Theragem knowledge, science and practical work. These two day seminars are a perfect way for you to experience Theragem for yourself with some of the highlights including Elation and Spleen sessions, alongside Assemblage Point Re-connection. You will learn little known facts such as the Healing Cycle and how to build up effective sessions in minimum time, which you can explore u in your daily routine.

Level I - The Basic: Our basic training sessions help you to increase your Theragem science knowledge, discover the 44 Gemcups and how to use them, effectively identify root causes/symptoms, learning and experiencing the ‘Healing Cycle’, Assemblage Point re-connection and much more!

Level II - The Advanced: Our two-day advanced training sessions help you to develop your Basic Theragem science knowledge, learn when to select specific Gemcups and how to use more advanced protocols. You will also learn how to do remote healing, advanced Assemblage Point re-connections, breathing exercises and much more!

For these training you are not required to have any previous Theragem training or equipment; however this is not discouraged as it will help you develop as a Medical professional or Therapist with ease. Please note however, that in order to attend an Advanced Training you must have attended a Theragem Basic Training prior to this.


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Dates and venue
Dates and venue

As we have several international trainings this year in the USA, Europe and Asia we have created this page specifically for Theragem training payers only.
This web page is only to be used to pay for a certified Theragem Basic or Advanced training and any payments made towards anything else will not be covered under the MHI policy.
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