Scientific Overview

Medica Health Ltd, in its mission to provide the highest quality technology and services in the global health care arena, employed scientists, medical advisors and engineers to produce the new T1005 Theragem™ Clinique and the T1002 Theragem Professional.

Tapping into the sciences of the ancients

Their collective effort called for the sciences of the ancients (early Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks) and modern day physics to be combined by Fusion Engineering. The technology combines color therapy with the use of precious and semi-precious stones from the mines of Brazil to create beneficial wavelets. Several decades of historical medical research and clinical observation, in combination with mathematical and physics-based influences, had previously showed that this sophisticated system of color phototherapy could produce significant results. At that time it was reasoned and tested clinically that the physiological effects of individual colors would correspond with the action of the mineral which exhibited the particular color on Spectometry. It was further determined, when examining in detail the specific attributes of the colors, that certain colored natural stones had specific effects on physiology.

Fusion of color, light, frequency and crystalline energy

The theory and science of the fusion technology of color, light, frequency and crystalline energy are contained within three basic statements:

The Wellness Zone

Theragem operates between a range of 480nm (nanometres) and 780nm. 670nm is considered the Wellness Zone with the greatest potential for health benefits. At this wavelength penetration of 23cm beneath the skin is achieved.

Quantum energy for healing

The technology is a low-powered, non-coherent, polychromatic assemblage. By focusing the wavelengths we are able to cause photo-stimulation, whereby a chain of chemical responses are triggered by targeted exposure. Injured cells and tissue emit enzymes that encourage photons (quantum energy) of light energy by design to be transmitted to the photo-acceptors, which are then activated. These biological electrical chemical actions occur in the mitochondria. Before this stimuli of energy can occur, photons must be absorbed by the region of interest. The absorption then creates specific biological actions dependent on the frequencies used by Theragem for targeted results. The chain reaction of one photon at the target site can activate one enzyme molecule which can then create a cascading process of thousands and thousands of substrate molecules. This theory suggests that a very small amount of quantum energy can cause robust biochemical responses for healing.

The future for light fusion technologies will offer hope for those who have so far failed in their path to wellness.

Medical research is going on around the world with positive findings and offers great promise for the future. Theragem’s nomenclature of design provides a delivery system to create optimal biological results, while maintaining a non-invasive, non-contact and do-no-harm application based on medical science.

Benefits of light therapy

The science of light therapy has been shown to stimulate the following:

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