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An article by Dave W. Ou, M.D.
Board Certified Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist in Holistic and Natural Medicine
Functional Medicine
Certified in Nutri-Energetics Systems®
Certified in Matrix Energetics

Dr. Ou finds that most of alternative and holistic medicine is inconsistent

People seeking alternatives to conventional medicine are often confused by which of the bewildering number of therapies and practitioners to trust. Dr. Ou has spent many years studying and testing countless so-called alternative therapies including those recommended by "famous" holistic doctors. They all have wonderful theories about healing and they all have some impressive testimonials, but in practice, he has been disappointed that the vast majority of them produced inconsistent and limited results in his practice, especially with more complex and serious illnesses.

He has learned through experience that just because a treatment is described using buzzwords such as "natural", "holistic", or "clinically proven" does not mean that effective healing can take place. Part of the problem is that most herbs, vitamins, hormones, and other supplements share the same flawed philosophy as conventional medicine of suppressing symptoms without addressing why the body was unable to heal itself to begin with. For example, it is popular in holistic medicine to use natural hormones to correct low levels. However, Dr. Ou believes that genuine healing is about helping the body to correct hormone levels on its own whenever possible.

Dr. Ou has created a Natural Healing Program which focuses on helping the body to heal itself instead of suppressing symptoms

In order to learn how to consistently create long term improvements in health, Dr. Ou has met some of the most innovative and extraordinary healers in the world who are successful with those who have failed both conventional and alternative therapies. Their "secret" is understanding the major factors which prevent the body from healing and how to correct those factors.

Dr. Ou has used his experience to improve the quality of life of hundreds of people who were not satisfied with or not helped by medications, surgery, physical therapy, herbs, supplements, hormones, detoxification programs, and special diets, etc. Most of his patients are complex with multiple medical problems and have seen multiple conventional, alternative, and integrative doctors with limited success.  Some travel from other states and others are exploring holistic medicine for the first time and have included doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. He frequently works with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, hormone disorders (male, female, adrenal, thyroid, Hashimoto's) and many other conditions. 

Dr. Ou is uniquely qualified in both conventional and alternative medicine

Conventionally, Dr. Ou graduated Cum Laude in Physics with Distinction in All Subjects from Cornell University, received his M.D. from the University of Miami School of Medicine on a four year scholarship, and completed his residency in internal medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in 1999. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

From a holistic standpoint, Dr. Ou is a leader in cutting edge systems of energy medicine. In 2009, he became the 3rd medical doctor in North America to be certified in Nutri-Energetics. He also serves on the North American NES Advisory Board. In May 2008, he became one of the first medical doctors in North America to be certified in Matrix Energetics, has served as a teaching assistant at Matrix Energetics seminars, and is a practice group leader. He has trained with many leaders in Functional Medicine, including the Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and Functional Medicine University.

Because of his unique experience, he has spoken to medical students at the Emory University School of Medicine and to international leaders in alternative medicine in New York, London, and Atlanta.

 Dr. Ou's Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Ou's philosophy on natural healing has evolved over his 20 year experience with holistic medicine. (Note that like most ideas of holistic medicine, they are not currently accepted by conventional science)

Overview of the components of the 2010 Natural Healing Program

Based on his research and experience, Dr. Ou introduced his Natural Healing Program in 2008. The systems used in his program are little known, but they are among the very few that a high percentage of his patients report excellent improvements. Dr. Ou is constantly researching new therapies to help his patients. The core components of his 2010 program are:

What Dr Ou says about Theragem in his clinic:

Theragem electronic gem therapy - This device from England emits certain frequencies of light which stimulate healing. Dr. Ou has found this to be particularly useful in the management of pain and generally more effective than acupuncture.

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