New from Medica Health International Ltd are ’GEMINARS’; online webinars introducing Theragem Fusion Light Therapy products. Which highlights how on many levels ancient healing knowledge, combined with present day technology can have such a positive successful effect on hundreds of conditions and their symptoms. This internationally attended event with many sparkling topics, offers major therapeutic insights and different viewpoints for people of all levels. Join our GEMINARS as they provide focused information on how to boost your health and wellbeing, giving you more vitality and better quality of life! These webinars are a fantastic way to be more interactive, learn and ask questions to our experienced guest speakers. We have planned for the year 2014-2015 a series of 8 Geminars, which are scheduled each month through to April 2015! See full schedule here.


14th March UK

Theragem Online Geminars

‘Attention to Assemblage Point’

This seventh Geminar will be based around ‘Attention to Assemblage Point’. This Geminar will explore a guide and discussion on the Assemblage Point and its many implications on the overall wellbeing and staying in there. This can often be called The Missing Link, as it has been considered by many as having seen a stillness and acceptance for the better with the AP Reconnection with Theragem in regular sessions. Acceptance of one’s situation in the giving up of a fight, turning into cooperation with, such that diets, lifestyles and more are then allowing the client to jump on the flow of a happy life with confidence and trust.

You can watch the Geminar live or on recording as many times as you wish. We also always leave a section of the class for Q&A, so you can note down any questions you have in this interactive fun Geminar!

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