Theragem Eternity

E1001 Tranquility

A very special blend of over 30 carats designed to induce serenity and deep relaxation. A wonderful start to the Theragem Eternity program, opening clients to fully benefit from any additional Therapies. Can also be used as an analgesic and general skin tonic.
Amethyst: A deep purple master stone. Works directly to calm anxiety, nervousness and pain. Also has wonderful skin softening properties.
Rose Quartz: A nurturing pink stone of tender unconditional love. Relaxes and works to enhance clients self worth and self acceptance, releasing negativity.
Sapphire: Deep blue highly prized master gem. Releases mental tension, frustration, and unwanted thoughts.

E1002 Rejuvenate

A dynamic gem blend of over 30 carats designed to promote, support and protect skin health. Our Rejuvenate blend visibly improves tone, radiance and vitality giving a fresh healthy look.
Pearls: A treasure of the sea and prized for thousands of years. Rich in trace minerals calcium, magnesium and moisture boosting properties. Promotes a lustrous glow to the complexion.
Selenite: A shimmering clear to milky white stone. Helps to promote collagen formation and protects the skin from the effects of consumed and environmental toxicity
Rhodocrisite: An opaque pink stone, enlivening yet soothing. Improves the circulation to the dermis by dilating the blood vessels and nourishing collagen.
Sodalite: A deep blue opaque stone. Hydrates the skin (very important) via its achans affecting fluids within the body and also calms the mind. (General anti aging benefits)
Diamond: Prized stone of external beauty and purity. Works to amplify the effects of the blend.

E1003 Sooth

A specific mix of gems designed and blended to help address the needs of any inflamed skin conditions including:
Dryness, Hypersensitivity, Eczema, Inflamation, Acne, Acne Voserea. Fresh scaring (surgical or accidental) - Lupus, as well as generally. Strengthening, Cooling, and Soothing
Blue Lace Agate: A gentle pastel blue stone which works directly to calm inflammation in the skin and any undercurrent or inflammation within the body.
Peridot: A bright apple green stone containing high levels of natural healing and purifying sulphur. Its ionic achans help to regenerate tissues.
Rose Quartz: A pale pink form of quartz and the stone of unconditional love. Supportive to the emotions and works directly to prevent scaring.
Emerald: Legendary green gem stone. Calming cooling proactively and gently detoxifies

E1004 Invigorate

A mix of over 40 carats of blended gems designed to take skin care to another level (true beauty from the inside out) by adding the detoxification of the spleen, producing cleansed and energized blood for improved energy and general well being. This protocol will improve skin color, giving the client a beautiful glow of health. Using Invigorate will amplify the effects of all the other specialized gem heads.
Carnelilian: A zesty orange stone. Revitalizing and energizing to the spleen and blood. Boosting the circulation detoxifying and purifying.
Citrine: A glass like yellow stone, toning and powerfully cleansing to the spleen and blood.
Diamond: The master amplifier working to intensify the actions of the other stones.

E1005 Radiance

With over 30 carats of the best quality rubies designed to promote and boost localized circulation, providing good blood flow that is vital to the nourishment of the skin. It is perfect for an instant ‘rosy glow’ look for tired malnourished skin.<br />
Ruby: Rich deep dynamic proactively warming red stone. Works directly and deeply on the circulatory system.

E1006 - Cell-u-Ease

A blend of over 30 carats designed to address the complex causes underlying cellulite, slow and congested lymphatic drainage, toxicity and hormone fluctuations.
Jet: A glossy black fossilized wood. Works to break down blockages and swelling within the lymphatic system, and to boost energy flow
Citrine: A warming, energizing yellow stone. Works to detoxify invigorate and drain tissues. Supporting and balancing hormonal levels
Rose Quartz: A pink stone of support and unconditional love, helping to ease negative body images, cleanses the lymph, nourishes and sooths the skin
Sodalite: A calming deep blue stone, cleanses, regulates, and hydrates lymph. Also cleanses the blood and surrounding tissues.

E1007 - Body Silk

A blend of over 30 carats formulated to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks whether they appeared during puberty, after child birth or during weight fluctuations.
Amber: A bright and uplifting fossilized orange resin. Cleanses and revitalizes tissues. Acts as a tonic to the skin working directly on scar tissue
Rose Quartz: A loving gently pink stone. Smoothes, sooths, and heals scar tissue. Helps the client deal with body acceptance and self love.
Emerald: A highly prized green gem stone. Cooling and calming helps to regenerate and strengthen tissues. Aides client relaxation
Peridot: An apple green stone, naturally rich in skin sulphur. Regenerates, heals and tones the skin
Selenite: A shimmering white stone. Helps to repair collagen fibre & works on the effects of free radicals. Helps to plump and firm the skin

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