N1001 Theragem™ Encoder

With the experience and insights of medical specialists, therapists and the Medica Health technical experts we have developed the new Theragem addition, the Encoder; a separate device using Theragem frequencies and gemcups to aid clinics setting up extra revenue income in their practice.

Touch screen technology with access to four individual screens (with both Theragem and Eternity beauty settings)  allows you to put four different frequencies fused with light, colour, gold, silver, and the precious vibrations of gems and crystals together. This encodes; water, oils, crèmes, remedies, etc. optimising your client’s wellbeing with tailor made jars filled with natural goodies for home use. Products for the skin, exactly how it is needed.

This new device in the well respected non invasive Fusion Light Therapy range, will be an absolute must in the health conscious skin beauty industry. The speed and ease of use, from placing a product such as an essential oils, or a standard crème into the encoding cup(s) with one of our beautiful range of Gemcups on a selected setting, intensity and a time limit allows for short and long therapy options. A beep will announce the end of the session with the oil or crème instantaneously enhanced in performance, ready for use during a facial, in skin therapy, or during a massage.

The use of modern touch screen allows you to direct via that same screen, four portals attaching Gemcup holders in different sizes. You can use a set up to four different therapy frequency settings, intensity, adjustable timing to encoding your liquids, with the Gemcups of your choice.

All the Gemcups in our Wellness and Beauty Spa-Health range on page gemcups will fit in all sizes of the Gemcup holders.

The NEW baby in the Theragem family Theragem Encoder, has already left its mark on the test team showing how remarkably strong it boosts essential oils, with the test panel mouth watering at the heightened scent of the encoded  oil. The team also remarked that even held at a distance it could smell the scent seemed to drift farther when boosted with the right frequencies!

The Encoder is supplied with a Printed Operator Safety Manual, a Friends of Theragem User Manual, set up guide, a flight box and a 3 Year International Warranty Card:

N1001 Theragem Encoder is supplied with the following:

1 x Encoder Digital Touch screen

4 x Portals

1 x E1002 Encoder Gemcup Holder - Small : 9 cm, full diameter (inside 7 cm)

1 x E1002 Encoder Gemcup Holder - Large: 12 cm bottle, full diameter (inside 9,5 cm)

1 x Power Supply Unit

1 x Friends of Theragem User manual

1 x printed Operator Safety Guide

1 x 36 months warranty card

DISCLAIMER: Medica Health International Ltd is committed to discovering, designing and introducing leading-edge wellness equipment world-wide. Any and all products offered by Medica Health International Ltd are intended to complement, not replace, the various therapies offered by your own licensed physician or healthcare professional. Our equipment is not intended to diagnose or cure any ailments or afflictions. Product images shown in this document may vary slightly from the actual device due to individual country regulations and our on-going commitment to quality and R&D. MFG may not be legal in your state-county-country therefore please check with your local-national authorities before unlocking MFG. Medica Health International Ltd cannot be held responsible for improper use.