History of Light Therapy

Light, colour and crystals in 3000 BC …..

The medical benefits of the light and energy of the sun, colour and crystals were first recognised several thousands of years ago. Doctors and natural healers from almost every major culture around the world have used precious and semi-precious gemstones within their healing modalities.  In Egypt, Greece, China, India, Persia they were highly valued in the medical field. The Mayans, Incas, Tibetans, North American Indians, Daoist Chinese and East Indian Ayurvedics are all recorded as having used them.

Even today these ancient cultures are revered for their wisdom, spirituality, understanding of the constellations, navigational abilities, architecture and objects of beauty – qualities that even with our modern scientific techniques we cannot replicate.

It seems only fair to assume that such great cultures would only use light-activated gemstones for thousands of years if they brought the benefit of deep healing?

Natural, crystalline energy

As gifts of nature, crystals serve as a storing agent for electro-magnetic energy, and their powerful rays of colour determine the frequency of the energy that they emit.  This can penetrate beneath the skin affecting the cells of the body.

Traditionally the patient would be laid on the ground outside. The hand-mined stones would be laid upon the patient’s body, usually at midday with the sun at its highest point, and the sunlight allowed to filter through. The colour, light and crystalline energy would be directed deep into the tissues, organs and meridians of the body, stimulating healing to take place. The ancients understood that the fusion of electromagnetic earth energy, together with light activation of the gemstones, was crucial in achieving the positive healing potential held within the gems.

Although scientific factors, such as the production of vitamin D in the body and the activation of ingested calcium were not at that time understood, the overall benefits were appreciated and proceeded to be used by later cultures such as the Romans.

19th century developments

In the 19th century a succession of doctors used ‘new’ technology to explore wavelengths further. They used previously unknown rays of light and colour, such as ultraviolet, to heal diseases in the fields of dermatology, neurology and physiotherapy.
Niels Ryberg FinsenThe Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen founded modern light therapy over 100 years ago. In 1903 he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in medicine for his achievements with light therapy. Finsen created the first device to generate technically synthesized sunlight and achieved outstanding results in the treatment of patients suffering from a special type of skin tuberculosis. Theragem™ uses incoherent polychromatic LED’s running at 480-780nm, considered by leading medical research centers as possibly the best healing light source on the planet for creating deep lasting cellular change. However with Theragem, light is of only part of its multi-modality Fusion technology.

Fusion technology – blending it all together

Therapies of light, crystalline energy and colour work by positively affecting the electromagnetic state in the human energy system. It is understood today that, for any chemical action to take place within that system, a change in the electromagnetic energy of the body must occur first.

In developing the Theragem Medica Health International has combined these important fusion elements to offer the finest light-activated gem device on the planet today.

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