Crystal Light Therapy…

Development of Crystal Light Therapy

Theragem™ Crystal Light Therapy uses the beneficial properties of:

in such a way that they create a truly holistic experience for the patient.

Light Therapy

Theragem Crystal Light Therapy uses low-level light therapy (LLLT), which has its origins in low-level laser therapy.

Since low-level laser therapy was created in the latter half of last century, a type of light therapy that works with virtually the complete range of visible light plus some infrared light, has been developed and used successfully.

Today, scientific studies at the Harvard Medical School are demonstrating the effectiveness of LLLT at cellular and tissue levels.

LED Light Therapy

Theragem uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) full-spectrum light to produce its light frequencies. These are the same as those of lasers but without the risk of damage to cells or tissue. Their diffuse light penetrates more deeply than laser light, and covers the area of treatment more uniformly.

The LED Low Level Light Therapy used by Theragem is approved by the FDA in the United States as being a gentle, painless, safe and effective therapy.  Its non-invasive and non-abrasive method can be used for many health purposes.


White light or sunlight contains all the rainbow colours of the spectrum.  When this shines onto our bodies, they act like a prism and it is understood that we absorb these colours into our energy centres or chakras. Each chakra corresponds to one of the colours of the rainbow and also to the body’s organs or systems.

Varying wavelengths give each colour its own particular energy.  Violet is the shortest wavelength and red the longest.

Since every cell in the body requires light energy, the effects of absorbed colour can be profound and can help to rebalance the whole body and spirit holistically.

By introducing colour to the body, it can correct imbalances in the colours in which it is deficient, providing better health and wellbeing.

Theragem uses coloured light filters in combination with the colour of gemstones.  It is the powerful rays of colour in crystals that determine the frequency of the energy that they emit.

The Emerald cup contains a green filter and the Sapphire a blue filter.  Diamond and Carnelian cups containing an orange filter and Ruby Gemcups have a red filter.

Crystalline Energy

Crystals and precious gemstones serve as nature’s storing agent for natural electro-magnetic energy. Their powerful rays of colour determine the frequency of the energy that they emit and this can penetrate beneath the skin affecting the cells of the body.  It can positively affect the electro-magnetic state in the human energy system, which in turn affects the mind, creating a mind-body link.

Theragem transfers crystalline energy to the body using dielectric resonance – the stimulation of crystals with frequencies.


There is electro-magnetic energy or frequency in everything – objects, our bodies, the earth.  Everything has its own frequency or rate of vibration.  By pulsing energy at different frequency rates through crystals and coloured filters, we can return the body to a more healthy frequency, correcting imbalance and disease.

Theragem uses frequencies in the ranges:

These frequencies – Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta - are often recognised as brain wave frequencies. However, they are not confined to the brain but travel throughout the body through sheaths of connective tissue surrounding all nerves.

By combining natural healing frequencies with color, light and gemstones, Theragem can effectively increase the health of the body’s cells, organs and glands.  It does this at a level that is many times more powerful than using these methods in isolation, providing effective and rapid results.

Pseudo White Noise

The source of natural white noise is the Universal ether.  It contains the full range of frequencies audible to the human ear and is often used to induce a state of relaxation, assist with meditation and to assist with sleep disorders.

The pseudo white noise that we have built in to Theragem creates a minute distortion to the frequency delivered.  The randomised sounds prevent the body from becoming accustomed to the frequency and thus stop responding to it.  The effects of this therefore, give the body its maximum chance of responding to the therapy.

Precious Metals – Gold and Silver

In production of Theragem, Medica Health International strives to keep the frequencies and energies that enter the body as pure as possible during the application process.

All Gemcups are sealed using 18 carat gold and sterling silver.  These materials were selected as an alternative to using stainless steel or glues for their purity and their own health-giving properties.  Silver acts as a stabiliser and purifier whilst gold adds its qualities as a master healer.

In addition, food grade resins and plastics are used within the construction of the equipment itself.

Medica Health International’s Medical Board of Advisors intends to maintain the highest standards in crystalline light therapy within the global health care arena through ongoing development of Theragem Crystal Light Therapy.

The Human Bodies Energy Vortexes - Chakras

It is well documented by science that not only is the planet we live on made up of electro-magnetic energy, but so is the human body.  In ancient times this was well understood by most major cultures including the ayurvedic system.

In this system it is recognised that our bodies have seven main chakras located along the spine.  These act as vortexes of spiralling energy and exchange energy between our bodies and the environment around us.  Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.  Each chakra relates to a different organ or body system and is also associated with a colour.

Light contains all the colours of the spectrum and from this it is understood that our chakras absorb the colours that they need.  This helps to keep us in good health - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Dielectric Resonance – what is it?

The name for the stimulation of crystals with frequencies is dielectric resonance. 

Dielectric: A substance or medium that can sustain a static electric field within it.

Resonance: An excited state of what are normally stable particles.

We also call this Crystal Light Therapy.

How does dielectric resonance work?

Dielectric resonance works by transferring energy from parts of the body that are diseased and may be robbing energy from healthy areas back to an optimum redistribution of energy for the restoration of health and well-being.

Some diseases survive by taking energy away from that normally sent to healthy body tissue, organs or glands; this weakens the entire body’s energy system. Using Crystal Light Therapy we can suspend this mis-direction of energy to diseased areas and encourage the immune system to work.  It can reroute a patient’s biological energy away from the disease and adjust the energy of the diseased parts, creating with both cooling, calming treatments to areas of high energy, and stimulating, energising treatments to those with low energy.

In short, this therapy uses the dielectric resonating properties of crystals, along with natural healing frequencies, light and colour, to create Crystal Light Therapy that will influence the vibrational rates and energy of live cells of tissue, bone, organs and glands.  The energy produced can be adjusted in whichever way is needed to improve the health of the client.

Used for a wide range of health problems, it is a gentle, non-invasive technique that can kick start the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
It can relax muscles and nerves (being anti-spasmodic), has analgesic properties, can be a powerful sedative, increases circulation and biological energy, and is an anti-coagulant.

Crystal Light Therapy through Theragem is distinct from stand-alone treatments such as colored light therapy, color therapy, crystal therapy or electro-magnetic stimulation therapy. These are discrete treatments in themselves and do not have the synergistic power of Crystal Light Therapy.

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