Clinical Experience

Theragem™ and acupuncture working together to resolve ‘frozen shoulder’ syndrome in three sessions
This article describes how acupuncture at first did not help until Theragem was used. In three sessions the client had a total freedom in movement and flexibility. It also shows how the totality on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level and the 3 minds were addressed.
Click on picture for entire article written by Praktijk Ben Chi The Netherlands

Shingles symptoms gone within two weeks
Dr. Sondra Bechetti tells about her experience with Theragem on a shingles patient totally disappearing within two weeks having daily sessions with Elation, Spleen and localized Emerald on Calming. Click on picture for video.

Thermography Case study
Case study of a 61 year woman with history of dental implants and changes in right breast getting worse. After 10 sessions described and shown here comparisons with thermograms showing 50% less lymphatic involvement, with improvement in skin lesions going from dark scabs to the skin less inflated and reduced in redness.
Click on picture for entire article by Dr. Michael Kessler D.C., C.C.S.P – USA

Aura photography in ‘Before and After’ showing the significant balancing of the aura
In Photograph 1 it shows the client’s energy levels on the low side of being reasonable with the chakras off balance in coloration and sizes differing from too much to too small. Three sessions of Theragem have brought back the energy to full 100% levels in the aura, the size and colour of the chakras back to balance and the stress levels are virtually back to 0.

More Balanced Endocrine system after Theragem Assemblage Point Correction
Dr Michael Kessler and his team tested Theragem Assemblage Point Reconnection before and after treatment on several cases. The results show such an improvement on the endocrine system that he recommends for all patients to have a standard Theragem Assemblage Point treatment. As it is important to bring balance between the endocrine organs because most are working too hard to compensate for systems that are in a weakened state. To bring this about in 20 minutes is impressive. Click here for entire article by Dr Michael Kessler, D.C., C.C.S.P – USA

MS patient (62yrs) shows remarkable signs of recovery after first Theragem session.
AFTER BEFORE Having been MS patient for almost twenty years, most of it constantly in a lot of pain, feeling low in energy, sleeping pattern disturbed. The before analysis of the first Theragem session registers a pulse of 86, the ECG, HRV (rythmogram, histogram, scatterogram) too synchronous, and the parameters of functional state (especially the vegetative regulation) does not function properly and even to be failing.
After the first Theragem session the elated patient describes how she hardly feels any pain and her energy levels have gone up, which all show in the analysis. The ECG is working more harmoniously, the pulse rate has gone down with 12 beats, the HRV is working much more together thus producing a healthy steady blood circulation, the overall functional state has risen between 30 and 60%, concluding the overall state of health risen to above 70% (more then 43%).
With thanks to the Sanctuary of Healing – UK, 2012

Interview with Dr Brian Clement Ph.D., N.M.D., founder of the renowned Hippocrates Institute – Florida, USA
Dr. Brian Clement

Watch this interview with Dr. Brian Clement mentioning how gem therapy (Theragem) is wonderful for neurological challenges such as Borrelia Burgdorferi in The Human Nervous System.
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‘Cholesterol from +259 to +210. No medication, just a
single Theragem session every 6 to 12 months!’

Etienne Verhasselt, Belgium
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Heart Rate Variability test after Theragem treatment 8/05/2011 demonstrated by Dr. Javdat Karimov & Dr. Michael Kessler of Global Health Solutions

HRV After Theragem from Steve Freier on Vimeo.

Brain Mapping Alzheimer

Dr. Bechetti’s case study of brain map of an elder lady with strong family history of Alzheimer's disease. Quote: ‘ Her repeat map shows a complete reversal in the Learning Difficulties analysis that went from 100% probability to 0% probability.’
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A full day of Theragem Test Results using Digital Pulse Analyzer

A full day of testing with a Digital Pulse Analyzer BEFORE and AFTER a Theragem T1002 Professional in the standard Elation session shows overall a significant increase in the Heart Variability and a raise in the ability of the body to cope with day to day stresses.
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Validating Theragem Efficacy in Clinical Practice
Dr. Kessler & Dr. BecchettiQuote from the first article of Dr. Kessler and Dr. Becchetti in their clinical experience using Theragem on an ongoing basis:
‘…After doing the Theragem treatment using Diamond and Carnelian on the Assemblage Point on several patients, it lined up all the averages. This equates to better regulation and, from an energetic system, aligns the chakras since they also affect these glands. This treatment also improved HRV. It’s really nice to have certainty that the modality you are using truly does what the manufacture says it does….’
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