The Assemblage Point – the Missing Link to true wellness

If only the medical establishment would recognise the Assemblage Point. What would be the ramifications of a public who were aware of its significance in terms of human health and vitality?

Maybe some doctors, consultants and other medical experts have heard of the energy body, the human energy field, or even meridians and life force energy. Perhaps they are aware that there is a flow of electrons through the pathways of the body from the brain to the organs and glands and ultimately the millions of cells that make up the human body.

“Magic is only science we don’t understand yet”
Quote by Arthur C. Clarke (famous British science fiction writer that many of the things he wrote about have become science fact!)

But the trouble is that, being part of our energy body, very few people can see the Assemblage Point – it is more often felt than seen – and you certainly cannot pop a pill to affect its position or angle and hence improve health.

The Assemblage Point is the human energy vortex – the point in the electro-magnetic body where life force energy, chi or prana enters the body. Normally around the chest, an optimally situated Assemblage Point means we are balanced mentally and physically. When ‘off-centre’ in some way, it can adversely affect our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and health.

In 1996 four detailed articles about the Assemblage Point were published in Positive Health magazine. In August 2000 Dr Angela Blaen became the first person ever to have the existence of her Assemblage Point verified and measured scientifically. She, in turn, established The Assemblage Point Centre in Devon, which gives information about the Assemblage Point and offers training in manipulating it the traditional way using a large crystal and the Shaman’s Blow – a hard hit on the patient’s back. Dr Blaen uses Theragem™ in her busy practice and Assemblage Point specific training courses and featured Theragem in her book “From Intention to Technology”.

Perhaps, till now, it has been too much of a niche medical factor to carve its place in complementary medicine. Or perhaps the investment in high-tech equipment has deterred sufficient practitioners from placing this revolutionary and yet ancient method of restoring health on the pedestal it so deserves.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963)

That is where Medica Health International steps in. With a sincere and determined desire to bring healing technology to those who need it, this innovative and determined company is offering a gentle method of restoring health by offering a new format in equipment to move Assemblage Points.

In line with its catchphrase ‘the power to heal’ it has developed a more affordable and portable machine that allows therapists or home users to practise electronic gem therapy wherever they so desire.

The Theragem uses a combination of light, colour, wave frequency and crystalline energy, not only to move Assemblage Points, but also to relax the mind, taking away stress and anxiety, and treat a range of other conditions.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Arthur C. Clarke "Profiles of The Future", 1961

First, let’s take a more detailed look at the Assemblage Point, its history and significance to human health.

Relocating the Assemblage Point to improve vitality & wellness

An Assemblage Point that is out of its normal position can often be the underlying cause of ill health and can be moved back into its optimum position by treatment with Theragem.

With practice and training anyone can locate another person’s Assemblage Point and, though useful, it is not necessary to have a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology when working on a metaphysical level.

Short history
Carlos CastenedaAround the time of the 1960s and 70s Dr Carlos Castaneda published 'The Teachings of Don Juan’ and 11 other books based on his apprenticeship to the American Indian shaman Don Juan. Dr Castaneda had been a student in anthropology, in which he later gained a PhD, and had gone to study medicinal plants of the American Southwest. He met and studied under Don Juan who, amongst other things passed on his knowledge of the assemblage point. Castaneda’s book 'The Fire from Within’ published in 1984 particularly focuses on awareness and shifting of the Assemblage Point. His other books detail aspects of shamanism that he learnt from Don Juan, in particular awareness of spirit, honing intuition and finding an opening to freedom.

Although treatment of the Assemblage Point, being a form of energy medicine, has not yet reached mainstream medicine, it has its exponents, such as Dr Blaen.

The Assemblage Point (AP) is the very centre of the human energy system, from which a vortex emerges that surrounds the entire body. The location (normally around the chest) and angle of entry has a direct effect upon the client’s energy (also known as qi, chi or prana) and is also linked to the activity level of organs and glands, including the brain. Therefore, a person’s behaviour, feelings and health are directly affected by the AP.

Because of this, it is only taken into account within the field of energy medicine. It is, to date, amongst most medical treatments and therapies, an unknown or disregarded feature of a person when they present for treatment, whether their problem be based upon physical, mental or emotional reasons. However, in the ancient Mayan, Hebrew, Vedic and Native American traditions, the AP – in particular its location and entry angle - was a key part of diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

The Assemblage Point has been called the missing link to resolving health problems and this partly explains why so many people continue to suffer without a solution for their painful or debilitating symptoms. The fact that it is not taken into consideration means that, often, a meaningful result cannot be obtained.

Appearance or feel of the Assemblage Point The AP is a part of the energy body, or aura, around the physical body. It travels through from a point normally around the chest to the back. It may be felt or seen by some people as energy lines concentrating into one point of the body. It may look like a bright area of energy and usually has a diameter of 1 cm where it meets the body. Some clients may experience tenderness on the skin at the point where the AP enters the body, and if you touch this point quite firmly, the client may feel it through to its continuation point on their back.

What causes the Assemblage Point to become offset?

The AP in a healthy individual will be as shown in Diagrams 1 & 2. There are many reasons why a Assemblage Pointpatient’s AP may be out of position. Shock and trauma, divorce and bereavement, drugs or alcohol addiction, infection, surgical operations, childbirth, accidents, illness, violence and intimidation, rape, hunger and thirst can all cause it to either drop or lift out of its normal position. Patients may have an idea that they experienced some kind of change inside following one of these events, but be unable to bring about a return to their former selves via self-reasoning, pills, potions or therapy.

The lower the position of the AP, the greater an imbalance may be found in medical tests on a patient’s organs and glands. Someone with a low AP will have a distorted energy field and low energy. The more time that passes, the more dangerous this becomes, and the more serious a disease it can lead to. The sooner after the original cause that the AP is corrected, the better it is for the patient’s health.

Many people in today’s society have an AP that is slightly to the right. The left brain processes logical thought, as opposed to creative processes in the right brain. People with busy lifestyles, using a lot of physical and mental energy, would have an active left brain, and this would move their AP to the right.

Moving an offset Assemblage Point
Traditionally, shamans moved offset APs using a large crystal and a blow to the back – this technique is known as the Shaman’s Blow and is still practised by some today. Another technique using a crystal is the sliding shift, which omits the blow for people who could not withstand the force, such as those with a pacemaker, heart or lung problems.

The modern, easy way to positively relocate an offset AP is to use a gentle treatment with the Theragem. A succession of relaxing treatments, where the client simply lies or sits on a couch, will offer them the benefits of inner peace and contentment, better ability to cope with life, balanced energy in the glands and organs and better health as a result. The benefits are endless.

Health maintenance and the Assemblage Point
Due to the unexpected nature of life, anyone’s Assemblage Point can become offset at any time.

Theragem treatments can be used to provide regular Assemblage Point assessment and correction as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sports people or teams, business people or anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance of success in any area of life can benefit from Theragem treatments and Assemblage Point correction. It can be an important part of professional or personal development, assisting a range of mental and physical abilities, including assertiveness, sociability, hearing, posture, etc.

Some feedback about our technology:

Please note the feedbacks given are with permission from actual medical professionals and clients from around the globe. The signed copies of each testimonial are available for viewing at our offices in the United Kingdom.

As the physiotherapist of a major rally team I travel  lot around the world often having no time to recuperate from jetlag. After having returned from Japan I was offered the main Theragem sessions Elation and Spleen followed by the AP reconnection, I am amazed as I felt grounded  and fit! Three days later I am still feeling energized and being able to function normally.
JV - Belgium

On the shamanistic side we consistently see strong reactions to the Assemblage Point process. This is the most singular demonstration that we are addressing the human energy field holistically, not just fixing parts in a machine.”
Dr Brad Haire (Medical Doctor) The Riversong centre of Integrative Medicine USA

"After 5 minutes, I went in a deep state of relaxation – despite the noise all around, I was able to get/obtain a totally exceptional effect which completely convinced me of the unique nature/character of Theragem".
Dr Daniel Penoel (Medical Doctor) and Aromatherapy author specialist

With thanks to Dr. Faik Selcen – Kuantum Saglik – Turkey. Two of many testimonials:

Epilepsy and sleeping problems
"Because of my illness epilepsy, I had always being sleeping problems. For four months I have been having crystal light therapies. I began sleeping very well. I feel  stronger physically  After the assemblage point my wife was very pleased with the difference in me. She said that I am more relaxed and talk much better than before.
As a result we are very pleased of these therapies".
H.S. – Turkey

Severe stress
“Even after the first session of crystal light therapy I felt so happy that I didn’t feel for a long time before like that. Also my friends at work realized this situation. As I work too hard, before the treatment I felt too tired, stressful and depressive. Now I can see that my complaints are getting less and less. I am so happy to have crystal light therapies.”
K.D. – Turkey

“Assemblage Point Therapy with Theragem. This is the most profound therapy at Hippocrates  Health Institute. The results are very deep and lasting. Thank you for providing this therapy.”

“For the first time in my life I had a yearning for stillness in my mind. I let go of resentment of the life I have now - a quiet life in the country, and now I know the value of my life.”

“This was a private session in which I had Assemblage Point Theragem Therapy. I had an amazing changes, the room full of energy. I had a very moving and powerful  visualization which was a positive journey through difficult experience and coming to a wonderful end point. Very empowering!”

As advocates of free speech Medica Health International Ltd have included the above testimonials as independent reviews of observations of Theragem from both a client and therapist perspective. These observations and reviews are not part of a global monitored health double blind study and are not to be considered as diagnostic.

DISCLAIMER: Medica Health International Ltd is committed to discovering, designing and introducing leading-edge wellness equipment world-wide. Any and all products offered by Medica Health International Ltd are intended to complement, not replace, the various therapies offered by your own licensed physician or healthcare professional. Our equipment is not intended to diagnose or cure any ailments or afflictions. Product images shown in this document may vary slightly from the actual device due to individual country regulations and our on-going commitment to quality and R&D. MFG may not be legal in your state-county-country therefore please check with your local-national authorities before unlocking MFG. Medica Health International Ltd cannot be held responsible for improper use.